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Considerations for When a Spouse Passes Away

August 17, 2023

When you lose a spouse, partner, or parent, the grief can be overwhelming and trying. In the midst of your grief, life still goes on.  There are arrangements to be made, things to be taken care of – and in recognition of this reality, here are some considerations t that you may find useful at such a time.

First, gather documents. Ask for help from other family members if you need it. Start by gathering the following.

  • A will, a trust, or other estate documents. If none of these exist, you could face a longer legal process when settling the person’s estate.
  • A Social Security card/number. Generally, the person’s Social Security number will be retired shortly following the death. If you are uncertain, consider checking with the Social Security office.

Then, gather these additional highly important items.

  • Any account statements
  • Deeds/titles to real estate
  • Car titles or lease agreements
  • Storage space keys/account records
  • Any bills due or records of credit card statements
  • Any social media platform information, if applicable

Last, but not least, look for a computer file or printout with digital account passwords. Prior to their loved one’s passing, some family members may try to centralize all this information or state where it can be found.

Working with clients who experience an expected or unexpected loss and are in need of practical and financial organization and assistance is my specialty. 

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