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Investment Review: Recap

July 30, 2023

During August our plan is to continue to help you review your investments.

Possibly you would like to: 

  • Review the risk you are taking with your investments and want to consider adjusting your asset allocation;
  • Make a contribution to or withdrawal from an investment account; or
  • Discuss the current market outlook, the Fed’s monetary policy, or other economic trends.

Whatever the case, mid-year is a good time to review your portfolio to ensure your strategy aligns with your needs and goals.

Careful investment planning is essential but can be quite complex. Performance is just one consideration when reviewing your portfolio. Factors such as diversification, taxation, and fees can have a dramatic impact during any economic climate.

Our goal is to help you identify what are the best opportunities for your investment portfolio.

To assist you in reviewing your investments we will walk you through  an individualized checklist and identify all the different opportunities for you to consider. 

Contact us today.  We are ready to help.