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MONEY MATTERS:  Your Cash Flow Statement

MONEY MATTERS: Your Cash Flow Statement

February 24, 2023

                                                          Understanding your money MATTERS.

               Managing your cash flow is an integral part of any sound financial management strategy.

Effectively managing your cash flow can free up capital to save and invest—assets you can put to work—helping you pursue your financial goals.

Taking control of your money is a life-long process.  Here are some questions that arise at different stages in life:

Anthony and Selena, a two-income couple with school-age children, ask, “How much money do we       need in savings to safeguard our current lifestyle?”

Dave and Christine, a couple nearing retirement, want to know, “Is there a better place than a savings account to keep our reserve? What should we do when our CD matures?”

 Isaac likes to do research online.  He asks, In an environment of low interest rates, should I be taking more risk?”

The answers to these, and other concerns, will vary with each individual situation, and can all be addressed in your personal financial review.

At Infinity Financial Group, we are committed to working closely with you to analyze your financial situation and to find the best and most achievable solutions for your financial PRESENT and FUTURE.