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Reviewing Your Health Coverage

September 12, 2023

Reviewing Your Health Insurance

Life and health insurance policies are a key part of your overall financial plan. It is important to review these policies each year to ensure that you have the coverage you need. If there are gaps, we can work with you to implement proper coverage.

There are some specific issues we will focus on when we review your health insurance:

  • If you are married and both of you have access to health coverage, does it make sense for each of you to take your own coverage or to choose the better of the two plans to cover both?


  • If you are paying coverage on your own, has your situation changed such that you should shop around for a new policy?



  • If you have retired and are on Medicare, you should review your situation annually to determine if you need to make any changes during the annual enrollment period. You also need to ensure that you either have creditable drug coverage or that you select a Part D Option in order to avoid lifetime penalties.

Reach out to an advisor at IFG today to review your situation and determine if you are adequately covered.   We are happy to help!