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Reviewing your Life Insurance

September 19, 2023

Life insurance is a complex topic. It often leaves many confused and concerned about what they should do with their existing policy.

Reviewing your existing policy with an advisor at IFG will help determine whether or not your current coverage is appropriate and adequate for your financial situation.

Some key issues to consider during this review include:

  • Understanding your policy’s in-force illustration, contract, riders, and other important information.
  • Exploring the different options for, and as well as the pros and cons of, replacing, surrendering, or selling your policy.
  • Reviewing your policy’s cash value accumulation and death benefit, and any potential tax consequences that may arise.
  • Seeing how your policy fits in with any health and/or estate issues that may be present.

Reach out to an advisor at IFG today to review your situation and determine if you are adequately covered.   We are happy to help!